Interested in volunteering at FIRE 2018?
Read on for more info!


Volunteer applications will open as we get closer to the event, most likely around June 1st.


Volunteers must pay for admission to the event like any other attendee. However, volunteers will be reimbursed based on how much you help - the more you help, the more you earn back!

For 8 hours, you'll get reimbursed 25% of your admission!
For 12 hours, you'll get reimbursed 50% of your admission!
For 16 hours, you'll get reimbursed 75% of your admission!
And 20 hours, you'll get reimbursed 100% of your admission!
Volunteer hours can be spread throughout the weekend and we always do what we can to balance volunteering and participating in the event.


JustRob and JustKaren will be back as our Volunteer Coordinators for 2018 and they can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Curious about what might be involved?

Here are some job descriptions to give you an idea of what might be expected in various volunteer positions.



While working Registration your main job will be attendee check-in, however you may also be responsible for giving out event bags, checking waivers and other required paperwork, on-site merchandise sales, and on-site registrations. As everyone's official starting point of the event, the Registration desk gives people their first impression of FIRE and is often the go-to place for general event information. There's a lot going on here, but we do everything we can to make sure all our Registration volunteers have whatever they need to make sure that first impression is a friendly and welcoming one!


Vendor Room Assistant

As a Vendor Assistant you will be responsible for minor setup help (should not involve major lifting), coordinating coffee/food runs for the vendors, and may be needed to step in to assist a booth (if needed for breaks). 

Craig & MJ are your Vendor Coordinators (at the Cutting Edge booth).


Presenter Assistant

As a Presenter Assistant you will be responsible for classroom setup needs, coordinating coffee/food runs for the presenters, and will need to be available by walkie for any random presenter needs.

LunaticBound and SenBound are your Presenter Coordinators.



As a Dungeon Monitor your duties will include monitoring for safety in our dungeon spaces, ensuring adherence to dungeon rules, and some setup, including the moving of bondage frames at dungeon open and close. You will also need a rope cutter of some fashion for your shift and will need to be available for a DM training session.

Master Penguin is your head DM.



While working with Transportation, you will be responsible for transporting presenters between the airport and the hotel. A vehicle with space for multiple people and luggage is a plus, but we may have vehicles available to use if you only have a smaller car. This is often the first and last impression of our event and we want all of our presenters to feel like we’re glad they’re here!


Set Up/Tear Down

As part of Set Up and Tear Down, you will be responsible for setting up the space, breaking the equipment down, and moving it to and from the trucks. While this job has the perk of happening outside of general event times, you should be prepared to sweat and move the heavy things!