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BadKittyBondageThumb BadKittyBondage

Basic Elements of Shibari   
Here, we provide a fun and informal demonstration leading participants through the basic shibari elements, including single and double column ties, futomomo, basic chest harness, and more. These individual elements will be combined in series to complete a fully functioning (and awkwardly delightful!) floor tie.  


My First Suspension! (Suspension Basics)   
This class is meant to serve as an introduction to suspension bondage. We break this class up into two parts: Part 1 covers the fundamentals of suspension bondage (safety, hardpoints, weight distribution, etc.). Part 2 moves on to the demo and run through of a simple side suspension involving a TK, waist rope, and two single columns on the legs. This will demonstrate the principles we cover in part 1. Participants should know how to tie these basic shibari forms and instruction will be focused on putting them together into a functioning suspension.


Vintage Rope Porn Bondage   
Forget the "rules" you've have learned for shibari and hojojitsu. This class covers a number of ties that we have deconstructed based on photos and drawings by some of the pioneering names in modern kinbaku like Reiko Kita, Seiu Ito, and more. We want to stress that this class will not be a history lesson or breakdown of any particular school of kinbaku. It's about an aesthetic we enjoy. We teach this class assuming participants adhere to the RACK or PRICK philosophy. This is an advanced class where the ties are not necessarily difficult to tie though they can be strenuous for the bottom. We expect tops and bottoms to understand advanced bondage concepts such as why ties work, body mechanics, and body awareness.



BarkasAddie2017Thumb Barkas & Addie

Differential Geometry for Rope Bondage
For people with a strong interest in mathematical, physical, and engineering contexts of Rope Bondage. Reflecting on these contexts can help in understanding the structure of certain patterns. It also can help to increase the ability to handle the rope on a body.



Erotic Rope Bondage for Beginners
Japanese Rope Bondage can be erotic, artistic or whatever one puts into it. A main goal of tying with another person is to have a wonderful and interesting time with each other. This class gives a first insight in various principles of Japanese Rope Bondage. It enables the participants to tie some of the basic structures safely and with joy. 


"Stormy and overwhelming 'wild dance of a beautiful woman'”
In 1932, the well-known artist Itoh Seyu, who is one of the key persons of modern kinbaku, published a book with the title: “BiJin Ranbu”. This means “wild dance of a beautiful woman”. In 2011, Barkas started to develop his personal way of doing ropes, which was very stormy and overwhelming. His Sensei Osada Steve called it ranboo and since then, this way of doing ropes became one of the well-known styles in the world of kinbaku. Within this class, the participants get a first insight into Ranboo. Some key terms of Ranboo, such as proper distance and proper intensity at the proper moment are the framework to tie in this way.


The Bondage Interview
The interview as a metaphor of tying. The interview combines the communication discourse with the one of power relationships. To tie with a person is always an involvement with a certain power relationship, simply and at least because one person is tying and one person gets tied. But this scene also means a nonverbal conversation between the two people tying with each other. In this mind set we can think of an interview to describe the dynamics. With the help of some ipponnawa techniques we will explore some of the more obvious and some of the very subtle references to the interview metaphor.


ChelThumb Chel

Body Language: Reading People in Rope
Chel’s professional life lies in reading the subtle cues and clues found in body language, facial expressions, gestures and responses. A person's true sentiments, feelings, and thoughts will be reflected in body language through displays of comfort and discomfort. This can be extremely useful in BDSM — especially in rope play. By interpreting verbal and nonverbal cues and remaining objective you can receive vital information about your partners that will leave them wondering if you are actually psychic. Class includes lecture, demo, and hands on activities.


Degradation & Humiliation in Rope
Often misunderstood, this form of play isn’t for everyone. While some people run at the thought, others delight in playing in the darkness of each other. There are some traditional ideas of what is “humiliating” but what exactly is humiliating to you? What can be gained by playing in this way? We’ll touch on how to negotiate these types of scenes, aftercare, emotional land mines, and ties that evoke humiliation. Please note: This class may contain types of play that could be triggering to some individuals. Class includes discussion and tie along.


Tying Bodies That Fit Outside of the Box    
While things are slowly changing, the majority of rope classes are focused on tying biologically female bodies. This class reaches outside of this box and focuses on tying everyone else. Male bodies, curvy women, and those who identify elsewhere on the gender spectrum all bring their own challenges and unique creative opportunities. Let’s play with ways to emphasize or downplay body attributes and find ways to use rope to make our preferred gender, non gender, and body types shine. This class is for ALL gender expressions and all body shapes!


Why Did You Do That?    
I’m a firm believer in moving away from copying patterns and moving toward understanding the WHY behind what we tie. Why are you using that friction, that hitch, that tie off, that upline or that harness. What works in some situations and for some body types doesn’t for others. By moving outside of pattern copying we free up the ability to become more creative, adjust ties for specific body types, and make critical decisions with quicker speed and accuracy.


ConerBellaSmall Coner

Fetish Photography for Non-Photographers   


Let’s get back to basics.  It’s NOT about gear.  It IS about composition, angle, light… and getting the image you envisioned.  Whether that’s a fun memento of a fun scene at home, or you want to McGuyver something more involved, you CAN get some pretty great images using... WHATEVER YOU HAVE! 

* No Camera Needed (PHONES WELCOME!)

* No Experience Needed (Less bad habits to unlearn)

* No Special lighting gear needed.  Just show up ready to learn and experiment.


Telling A Story With An Image

What makes great images grab and hold your attention?  You can’t look away and they conjure emotions and daydreams about what might be going on.

Moving beyond proof that you got your partner naked or figured out “that tie,” let's work through what makes up a “CONCEPT.”  Let’s tell a story with a single image.  Do you start at the tie? The location? The lighting? A new prop?  None of the above?

Want to really improve how ENGAGING your photos are?  Don’t miss this workshop.  



DWLBWThumb DomWithLens & EbiBex


Photo Rigging

This class will be will be hands-on learning; class participants should come with a DSLR that can shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of the photographic triangle.

Shooting a scene, whether your own or other people’s, requires some unique skills and extra awareness. This class will go over some best practices for shooting rope performances, scenes and play. We’ll discuss negotiating photos with partners, controlling poor light, shooting in tight spaces (bedrooms, hotel rooms, creepy attics…) and anticipating your shot. We’ll also go over taking photos without interrupting headspace or “ruining the mood,” flattering (or unflattering!) angles, and even using your camera as part of a scene. Bex will share some of her tips and experiences in front of the camera. In addition to shooting your own scenes, DWL will share some of his tricks for shooting other people’s play. Capturing facial expressions and real emotion, getting your shot without getting in the way, moving around your subjects, and being mindful of other people in a space will all be addressed.

Dungeon-level photography skills – achievement unlocked!


Advanced Bondage Shoots

This class will be hands-on learning; class participants should come with a DSLR that can shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of the photographic triangle.

You’ve got a great idea for an image. There’s going to be rope, shackles, fire, half a dozen naked people, a couple of mimes, and maybe even a monster truck or two. Great! So how do you make it happen? What looks simple and effortless in a photo may have required 3 hours of work, a team of people, and a forklift. This class will go over many of the things involved in “A Shoot,” a bondage concept or idea executed for the primary purpose of fantastic photos. We’ll discuss things like location options, advanced lighting set ups, and turning bedrooms or other spaces into studio environments. We’ll also talk about how a shoot is different than a scene, safety measures and precautions, effective communication and teamwork between photographer, rigger, models and others involved, and juggling being both rigger and photographer. An introduction to post processing, such as color correction, cropping, and sharpening, may also be presented. Students will leave this class ready to bring their fantasies to life. Bring on the monster trucks!


Photo Room: After Care / Post Processing

The scene is over, the model has gone home, and you’re pretty excited about some of those shots. So now what do you do with them? This class will help you get your pictures off the camera, polished, and ready to show off. Whether you’ve been shooting outside on a gorgeous day, or in your favorite dimly-lit dungeon, DWL will share some of his tried-and-true methods in post processing to really make those shots pop. Class will cover basic RAW conversion, including color correction, sharpening, cropping, and enhancing your photos in Lightroom and Photoshop.

This class will be primarily presentation-based; however, participants are welcome to bring Lightroom and/or Photoshop-ready laptops and a few RAW files and follow along!


EbiBexSmallColorNoFacebook EbiBex

"Rope Bottoms, Know Thyself!"

Whether you're brand new to the ropes or you spend more time wrapped in jute than not, somewhere along the line you realized you like getting tied up. What else do you need to know? Actually, a lot! In a community where scenes are often Top-driven, this discussion-based class will look at a variety of different factors that contribute to "knowing yourself" as a rope bottom, and how to use this knowledge to get the most out of your scenes. We'll address things like what type of rope you enjoy, what style of scene you're after, being aware of what works for YOUR body and your own limitations, the importance of lab time for bottoms, evaluating a potential play partner for compatibility, and active negotiation. We'll also explore ways to communicate this knowledge to your play partners to get the scene you want! Bring your experiences and your questions, and be prepared to do some ropy soul searching!

Discussion based class




EMHeadshotThumb  EM


Armbinders for Floor and Suspension

Binding the arms together behind the back at the wrist and elbow is perhaps the second most common position behind a box tie when it comes to rope bondage. EM will walk you through anatomical considerations and structural techniques you can use to put together a variety of different armbinder style ties for quick dirty bedroom bondage, on up to use in a raised strappado predicament or full body suspension, and the like. Intermediate, hands-on class.


Flying While Tying   
Line handling for speed and fluidity. After a brief drill or two to improve individual skills like finger hooking and control of the excess rope, we will delve into practical opportunities to improve your rope handling. Working on a box tie, step by step, we will explore techniques you can use to speed up the way with which you tie for suspension, or performance... or just for fast, aggressive play. We will go through this common tie because it features such a wide array of situations, and because it is tied so frequently.


Managing Suspension Lines   
Fast and secure tying of your overhead lines is a key component in rope suspension, but it's also a topic that's very hard to find detailed instruction upon. Let's fix that. With more than 500 rope suspensions under his belt, EM will walk you through what he learned on his own over the years, or picked up through lessons with others. Options for tying to a ring. Tying off to bamboo. Clearing jammed suspension lines safely & easily. Bundling excess rope rapidly and neatly. We'll do a little of everything.  



Breaking Them With Rope   
Rope instruction tends to focus on the sensual side of floorwork, or acrobatics performed while flying. We're going to go somewhere darker and more intense in this class. Working through several bondage predicaments, we will explore new ways to introduce suffering into your rope scenes and focus on a more complex form of sadomasochistic play.



FuriousBuddhaLowRes Furious Buddha


Hojojutsu is Awesome!  
Much of kinbaku draws inspiration from hojojutsu. All of hojojutsu is founded in Senjoyo (battlefield rope tying). This class is down & dirty bondage rope skills for the kinky marauder, drawn from time-tested samurai rope arresting arts and techniques dating back many hundreds of years. Starting with mounting and capture we then explore a variety of effective and dastardly single rope ties. Filled with weird rope history, esoteric tying tidbits, and practical tactical mayhem.


Kinbakulypse Now! 
Come join in on this ongoing conversation into the craft of rope bondage. Developed together by FredRx and Furious Buddha this is part examination and part adventure into breaking through barriers of perception and form to explore pure elemental function, exerting power, taking control, and applying leverage through bridging rope's hojojutsu past into its erotic bondage future.


Kumo Ryu - Exploding Bondage Applications   
Furious Buddha's 'Ropus Magnum' - years in development - this innovative method of speed-release bondage is equal parts rope science and rope sorcery drawn from the ancient principles of Torinawajutsu - the art of military 'prestigious prisoner' tying. Kumo Ryu is very secure and effective, hugely adaptive to almost any rigging & play scenario, and capable of mimicking a wide array of contemporary shibari ties that... well... you'll just have to come and find out.


Vulcan Caresses - An Adventure in Applied Pain and Control  
An atemiwaza and pressure points driven journey in takedowns and body manipulation - the precursors of hojojutsu, replete with moans, squeals, and cries of surrender! A class spilling over with devious handcraft, clever leverage, and safe and excruciating techniques.


heatherangel heather            MalachiSmaller Malachi


Toward A Better Understanding of Consent Incidents  
This class gives an overview of the current challenges facing the alternative lifestyle communities and the ways Consent Rocks works to help improve them. The material draws from contemporary research in consent issues done by the NCSF and other groups, as well as practical experiences from Consent Rocks Crews in the field. Along the way it can broaden and deepen the understanding of consent incidents beyond the simplistic "law & order" mentality into a more inclusive understanding of the trauma and needs of those involved.



JD66Thumb JD

Kazami Strappado Side Suspension   
We will learn to tie the Kazami Style Strappado, then use it in Kazami’s classic side suspension as seen here:

You will need 12-14 pieces of 8m natural fibre rope (jute or hemp) plus suspension ring and/or carabiners. You should have suspension experience, knowing how to lock off lifelines safely.


Kazami Style TK   



OUCH! -- Fun Evil Things That Hurt  
Let's have some fun with ouchies. Let's add some pain to our play. We will explore a whole bunch of ways to be mean with rope and maybe a few other things as well. Dirty tricks, purposefully designed pain ties, and just some plain old mean but playful stuff will be explored in this class. This will be some light hearted, pain inducing fun. So come out and let's have fun with pain. This will be part demo part tie along. So please bring your rope bag plus some thinner rope, 3-4 mm would be good. If you don't have any that is fine as 6mm will work fine too. This is a class for any level of rope.



KnotheadPsycho knot_head

The Puppet Suspension and Slicky-Boy Tips for Working with Nylon

In this class we will cover several single limb ties/“rope cuffs.”  Wraps, cinches, a teardrop weave, AND variations! Extending rope. Adjustable knots. Using loops for cuffs, gravity boots, and suspension comfort.

The Puppet Suspension has 7 lift points and the ability to change the position without re-tying anything. It's fun, comfortable, and a great first suspension or non-threatening intro to bondage.

Walk through this unique, classic tie, complete with safety checks and short cuts. Includes basic chest harness and gunslinger hip harness.  You can use your own chest and hip harness if you prefer.


Fundamentals of Fetish Fotography

Welcome to the FIRE PHOTO LAB!  This first workshop is a chance to work through your settings, and other fundamental features like white balance.  We discuss basics like angles, composition, LOTS of hands on, with YOUR gear and seeing how you can get off the “green” setting and start crafting some better images.  


* Flattery gets you everywhere - tips on posing, composition, angles, lighting, clothing, ties, and even lens length to flatter your subject and give them confidence (even on the off chance they are not perfect).  Setting reasonable expectations: Anyone can put a mean tie on a person and take an unflattering shot.  Fine, If that’s what they want.  But do it on purpose in a good way, instead of accidentally from lack of skill.

* Classic faces in fetish photography- we only really shoot about three classic face angles.  Make YOUR kinky fetish pics more engaging by getting these angles and looks.  Basics on how to light them and details to get each right.


Basic Low Key Lighting

Creating depth and drama with cheap strobes, almost anywhere.  You don’t need a black sheet or to shut off the lights.  You just need to understand what’s happening and how to build a shot. If there’s interest, and time permitting we can play with McGuyvered Light… and even faking McGuyvered light.



ZenWarriorSmall knot_head & ZenWarrior

Introduction to Predicament Play

This is NOT the hug and swoon performance rope you are used to seeing, it’s an introduction to a completely different kind of rope bondage play. We’ll work through negotiations, safety, engineering, and an adjustable knot that makes this type of play more accessible.

Several different predicaments will be deconstructed and demo’d. There should be some opportunity for tie along and practice depending on time and experience level of the group.


Intermediate Predicament Tie Along and Lab Time

Picking up where “Intro to Preds” left off, we’ll work with several advanced rigging couples to demo and deconstruct some predicaments that you don’t see every day.

Then, we’ll have a lab time, and as a group we'll tie one of several simple, diabolical, “safe-adjacent” predicaments.

PRE-REQ: If you’re going to tie along, it’s suggested to have at least a basic suspension skill level, and knowledge of your partner and how to tune to suit them.



linworthbwsuspensionThumb linworth

An Integrated Approach to Rope Bottoming   
Presented in an organic, progressive outline, this class will touch on the basics of rope bottoming with some more advanced tips intermingled. Those just starting out in rope, both tops and bottoms, will come out with new tidbits on how to better enjoy and endure in this exciting expression of kink. If attendees are lucky, the grand finale will include linworth reading through her notes while she hangs upside down.  


Riggers, Sit Down and Shut Up!   
This class designed for interactive settings welcomes riggers, rope bottoms, and those just curious about rope. The group will start with a brief guided discussion on rope bottoming and what common experiences bottoms share emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Following that, a few questions from riggers and the curious that they would like to ask rope bottoms as a collective will be written down. The bottoms will sit in a circle and be encouraged to discuss each question to find any common ground in experience, while leaving room for emphasis on individual experience. This portion of the class will be uninterrupted by onlookers so that the bottoms can feel free to fully express themselves. The session will end with reflections from the entire group regarding what they have learned from one another.



LunaticBound Pic  Lunatic Bound & Dysis

This advanced tie along class is all about breath control with bondage. We're going to start with a Prayer Hands or Gasshou position and then show some evil tweaks that can be applied to the harness and the third rope. As we take the bottom's feet out from underneath them we are also going to take their breath away.   


Legs For Days   
Hips, thighs, calves, and feet are the targets of the day. We're going to work through some rather simple concepts to demonstrate some incredibly painful ties. Ties include a thigh crusher, a candy cane futomomo on a single rope, a compression ladder, and more. This intermediate tie along class is fast paced.  


Prayer Hands   
This is probably one of the most comfortable and comforting ties that I know. It is my go to when working with new bottoms. In this tie along class we will cover the front prayer or gasshou position. We will be going over the two rope and the three rope versions as well as various implementations.



MissDoctorSmall MissDoctor

Big Body, Big Muscles, No Boobs.... Help!!!   
Much of the rope bondage that we learn is geared towards tying a classically "female" body. Chest harnesses and TK's are built around breasts. Many lift techniques for suspension presuppose a rigger that is larger than the bottom. Male-bodied people like getting tied up too, and often smaller-bodied people enjoy tying them. This class is geared toward understanding the challenges involved in this type of tying dynamic, with an emphasis on understanding the pertinent anatomic and physiologic differences between "male" and "female" bodies. We will discuss ways to alter tying and suspension techniques to adapt to this, and how to prevent injuries in rigger and bottom alike.


Stop Getting On My Nerves Part 1   
A must-see for all rope tops and bottoms! This class focuses on practical nerve anatomy and physiology for rope bondage. Where do nerves travel, where are they most susceptible to injury, and how can we prevent, detect, and manage injuries? A detailed handout will be provided for your reference. The class includes didactics and hands-on activities, including finding your "hot spots" and reworking common ties to improve comfort and safety.
Part 1 - Upper Extremity - A detailed review of wrist bondage and the box tie, as well as troubleshooting guidelines for nerve compression


Stop Getting On My Nerves Part 2   
A must-see for all rope tops and bottoms! This class focuses on practical nerve anatomy and physiology for rope bondage. Where do nerves travel, where are they most susceptible to injury, and how can we prevent, detect, and manage injuries? A detailed handout will be provided for your reference. The class includes didactics and hands-on activities, including finding your "hot spots" and reworking common ties to improve comfort and safety.
Part 2 - Lower Extremity/Pelvis - A comparison of different hip harnesses, leg binders, and ankle bondage. Also includes a discussion of circulation issues in rope bondage.


Beginner and Intermediate Self-Suspension   

Who needs a rigger when you have yourself? Self-suspension provides an opportunity to push yourself with strength, balance, coordination, and rope handling. It also allows you to explore aerial acrobatics and independent rope performance. The goal of this class is to learn the fundamentals required to fly solo. We will (briefly) review single column ties for limb lines. We will cover up lines that attach at the ring/carabiner and at the harness. If students are able to successfully master these elements, they will be allowed to do a static self-suspension. If time allows, we will explore a practical hip harness and chest harness that can be self-tied. We will also discuss injury prevention and management.
Level - Beginner to intermediate

Pre-requisites - the ability to tie a reliable single column and familiarity with basic frictions (munter hitches, half-hitches, etc.)

Materials: 8-10 hanks of rope, 5+ carabiners or large suspension ring



MorganaAerialLowResSmall Morgana Meow

Stability and Flexibility for the Advanced Flyer   
What's a contortion split? Hollow body? Bum hat? How do I get these things and then maintain them? This class is less about general rope topics like safety, stretching, and tying, and more about intermediate/advanced positions, first on the ground, then in the air. Participants will learn foundational conditioning and muscle focus for stabilizing joints and strengthening surrounding muscles to allow for controlled, conscious flexibility, as well as alignment and aerial awareness for endurance in challenging suspensions such as single-limb suspensions and for modeling shoots.



MorpheousThumb Morpheous

The Aesthetics of Rope Bondage   
Want your bondage to pop more and wow all the cool kids? Is there an art geek lying deep within you that yearns to burst free and then get tied up? Then this class is for you! Morpheous will unravel the mystery of how and when to apply which Element of Design. He will show you when to incorporate more sculptural elements into your bondage and explore the use of non-traditional objects that will make your bottom/submissive/slave prettier than ever in your rope.

This class focuses on the fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds that has been occurring in rope bondage over the past 10 yrs, and a Western interpretation of the classic Japanese style. This is a hands on class; bring rope and be prepared to work through sculptural exercises that will give you the chance to put into practice the theory we will cover and to be able to think in terms of a larger perspective when tying your partner.



PinkMynxThumb Mynx

Morning Yoga   
Join Mynx at 8am on Friday and Saturday to start your day off right!


Aha Moments   
Over the past year I have discovered that just a few subtle changes made a huge impact in the function, comfort and aesthetic of my rope bondage. In this class I will share my aha moments and we will take your rope beyond functionality to the finer points of rope bondage. Surpassing the basic form, we will explore nuances of friction, rope handling and direction changes to make your ties cleaner and more effective. Participants will leave with a set of specific techniques that apply universally to advance the artistry and sustainability of their rope bondage.


Partial Suspensions - The Slow Unfolding of Beautiful Suffering   
We will begin this class examining uplines, their variability and their management. We will then explore the beauty of suffering through partial suspensions. Partial suspensions expose vulnerability and erotic helplessness, impart beautiful physical and mental challenges for the bottom, and allow for close connection between partners.


Tying on Bamboo    
Bamboo is a beautiful Japanese inspired hardpoint that offers many options for suspensions. We will explore how to secure the bamboo to your rig and then move into how to utilize a horizontal hardpoint vs. a single point suspension. Participants will learn how to manage suspension lines and discuss pitfalls and problems that can arise when tying on bamboo.



RaeandDarkEchoThumb Rae

Introduction to Torsion   
This class will introduce students to the beautiful twisted form in bondage. We will begin to explore levels within the body, how to load, how to compress, and how to prolong sustainability within a torsion tie. Even a simple tie can be beautiful. In this class we will discuss, demonstrate, and practice several ways to introduce torsion into your suspension work. Students are expected to know and understand a suspension worthy chest harness. This will not be taught as part of the class. If your chest harness is found to be unsatisfactory, you will be asked to audit the class for everyone's safety.


Introduction to Transitions   
In this class, we will begin to explore transitions in full suspension. Many people find that they struggle with figuring out how, where, why, and when to move the body of the person they are tying. Many times, a few simple transitions can prolong a rope suspension scene (and we all want more time, right?) We will begin to understand the WHY behind what we do to understand HOW to begin to transition in suspension.

For this class, tops should be able to tie a suspension worthy chest harness of any type, a futo or thigh harness, a hip harness, and a single column tie without additional instruction. This class is designed for people already currently suspending and interested in learning how to move the body in the air. We will also introduce upline management and several options will be presented.


The Bird Cage   
Although the 'TK' is looked at as a staple tie for Shibari, so many people find it unsustainable. Whether it be a shoulder injury, a previous nerve injury, circulation issues, etc, etc, the list goes on. The Bird Cage (named because we designed this for groundbird), is an option for rope partners to use for floor work or suspension. While still offering an attractive aesthetic, it proves to be a chest loading option, usable for dynamic suspensions, static, partials, and floorwork. All body types and flexibility spectrums welcome.



SenBoundGigglesCuddleThumb SenBound & Giggles

Hojo Hishi Gote   
The tie that incorporates everything! Almost every wrap, knot, turn, and twist that you will do in any tie is in this fantastic harness! This tie is perfect for beginners and advanced bottoms and riggers -- everyone has something they can learn or improve from it. We will walk through all three phases of this tie and its uses at each phase. (All Levels; Tie Along)


S. G. E.  (Shame, Guilt, and Embarrassment)  
Explore the meaning of these terms along with some self awareness, what is happening in the brain and body, and how to apply these in an Erotic Rope Scene for the enjoyment of both parties. (All Levels; Demo/Lecture)


The Air Up There   
An interactive class taught by both SenBound & Giggles. Giving both the top and bottom's perspectives, thoughts and advice as they walk and talk through a live tie, suspension, and transitions. (Intermediate-Advanced; Demo)