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Barkas & Addie  BarkasAddie Web

Barkas is a bondage educator, performance artist, and writer. His contributions to the bondage narrative include the development of Ranboo and the Interview Metaphor.
Originally from Vienna and now residing in Vancouver, he is the cofounder and caretaker of TheSpace2. In addition to ongoing teaching locally, he continues to travel, perform, and give workshops internationally.


Addie is a bondage educator and health care professional. She has practiced rope bondage for many years and co-teaches with Barkas since 2015 internationally.


Intro to Suspension - Addie & Barkas

Suspensions are intense, fun, elegant, challenging, strenuous, liberating, rewarding… and they carry with them a higher risk profile. This class builds a functional knowledge of suspension, with the aim of acknowledging and minimizing the risks involved so that all parties can have a good time in the air. We will look at common forms/progressions in suspension, uplines, smooth body handling, balance points, troubleshooting, and other various bits of knowledge for those tying. We will also cover bottoming knowledge and body awareness, as well as communication between the tying and tied persons, and workarounds for some of the more common trouble spots.


Yukimura Ryu Newaza - Barkas & Addie

Newaza, literally translated means “non-standing techniques”. Rope Bondage restricted to the floor, i.e. on a mattress or else, can be a very special way of experiencing ropes. The grand master Yukimura Haruki Sensei elaborated this style over the last 4 decades and established a system that enables students to learn his very unique style. Various techniques and a special handling of the human body are needed to increase the pleasure of tying on the floor. In this class, the participants learn how to use leverage and how to position their partner in certain ways with the use of ropes.


Fucking Up a TK - Barkas & Addie

In this class we will start with a "normal" TK and then fuck it up in a way that keeps it functional and suspension worthy but makes it looks like tied by a spider on caffeine. What do we have to consider to make this happen? And what Should we not do? All these things plus a lot of fun in this class.




Cam Damage & Ten  Cam Damage and Ten

Cam Damage is a geeky, sub-leaning switch, sadomasochist, model/photographer and an overall rope and pain enthusiast. They are a member of The Kraken's Lair family in Baltimore, and are entering their third year in their rope journey as a bottom, rigger, and self-tier. When it comes to rope, Cam is most interested in energy exchange/interaction, body mechanics and movement, creative expression and finding the limits to which one can be pushed. Cam has been teaching beginner rope and BDSM skills for about a year, and spends most of their free time searching for rope experiences and education.

Ten is a sadist and rigger who began his adventures in the rope world almost five years ago. Originally from Nashville, TN, he taught and led the RING rope education group for over a year before moving to Baltimore. Since relocating, Ten’s love for rope has only intensified, and his hunger for knowledge has taken him all across the country for as many conventions and educational opportunities as possible. As a result, his experience with rope (and confidence therein) has grown exponentially. His primary focus is sharing positive and powerful experiences through connective rope, challenging himself and his partner in regards to creativity, and working to move both parties beyond perceived limits.


“Simple” Yet Effective: A Dynamic Transition Sequence

This class will focus on a sequence utilizing the TK, single column ties, and futomomos. We aim to show how these “common” components can be used to create a dynamic transition flow that challenges the rigger’s creativity and the bottom’s stamina. Although we will show a specific sequence, we will also illustrate how you can make various moves with each step to create your own unique sequence. We will also focus on moving beyond “the steps” and how to integrate play into a plan.

(Intermediate to Advanced, Partnered)

Pre-req: Strong foundation of suspension knowledge - including a solid TK, futomomo, and ability to manage multiple uplines.

Bottom should be able to sustain a TK and futomomos through various difficult positions over multiple transitions. Strong communication and teamwork between the tying pair is essential.


Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation: Lessons in Labbing

Come lab with us! So often labbing can lead to fighting: communication breaks down, feelings can be hurt, people run into walls. In this class we will talk about how to effectively lab with a partner in order to have a communicative, productive, and creatively fulfilling exchange. We will demo a lab session in which we work together from the floor through the air in a cooperatively created sequence. We will show how to utilize positive communication from Top to bottom in order to keep the energy of a lab session strong, and highlight the importance of equal effort and collaboration between partners. After the demo, the class will be free to break off for a lab time themselves!

Pre-req: Arms-free chest harness or TK, solid foundation of suspension knowledge.


Self-Tie Transition Sequence Time 

by Cam Damage

This class will focus on a self suspension sequence, teaching and utilizing tips and tricks to make things easier on yourself while you struggle in mid-air.  There will be various areas of opportunity for you to change the sequence yourself to cater to your skill level, but it will include several position changes - ending in a single point inversion. 

Intermediate to Advanced

Pre-req: Experience in self-suspension, hands-free chest harness, some form of hip harness, futomomo, tying self while in the air, strong knowledge of uplines/upline management. Alternatively you can just sit and watch!


Strike a Pose: Modeling in Rope (for yourself and others)

Do you crave to learn how to “pose” and “model” better in rope to achieve the creation of your goal images and aesthetics? Let’s work on it together! In this class, I will give tips on angles, lighting, body/camera positioning, facial expressions, and more to help you get the best shot possible. My partner Ten and I will go through a transition sequence that caters to “photo rope,” and I will show you throughout how to apply modeling tips and tricks in different positions.  This class isn’t just for bottoms - self suspenders, riggers, and amateur photographers can learn plenty too!  
Note: the focus of this class is not the rope, but rather body positioning, aesthetics, facial expressions, and posing that help to make a strong photo.
All levels
Casey Calvert Casey Calvert Smaller
Casey has been a professional rope and fetish model for almost a decade. Since her first shoot right here in Orlando, she has shot with over a hundred photographers around the globe, and appeared in the pages of Penthouse, Hustler Taboo, and on your favorite website online.
Casey is also a well-known and award-winning adult performer and director, having starred in over 500 scenes. She’s a strong advocate for sex workers rights, and works to correct and clarify mainstream media’s misconceptions and fallacies about the adult business.
Casey lives in Los Angeles where she is a lifestyle bottom, and is well-known and respected in the L.A. rope scene.


Bottoming For the Camera
Whether you’ve modeling professionally, occasionally, or never at all, approaching bottoming as a model adds a layer of complexity. Casey will discuss communication, the negotiation process, and managing expectations all from a model-photographer point of view. She’ll also talk about paperwork, getting paid for your work, vetting those you work with, and more. Then, the class will include a demonstration of tips and tricks on how to “look better” in your pictures. The class will wrap up with questions and practical rope time!




Docvale & Tyka  DocvaleTyka

Docvale is a French rigger who got interrested in ropes from the BDSM world since 2007. In 2011 he met Tyka and they started ropes together.
2013 marked the time of his first international performances and one year later, he was part with Wildties of the first school in Europe completely dedicated to Naka inspired style.
And from 2016, he has been following his own path, doing his own research in the continuity of the style that has inspired him for years.


Face Up Suspension from the Ground

In this class, we will start from the ground and build a face up suspension which is clearly inspired from Japanese positions. We will see that in some cases and for people who feel comfortable with it, we can add some torsion which can completely change the initial position.


Agura Suspension with Transitions

Agura Shibari is a leg cross bondage. This class will be about suspending in that position and how we can do a few transitions on it.


Partial or Suspension in Half-Moon Position

We will see how to build a vertical partial or suspension with a back bend, adding some torsion or not. The final position may result in a half-moon beautiful position.



EbiBex & DWL  DWLandEbiBex Smaller

EbiBex is a queer, masochistic bottom who first discovered rope bondage when she was a wee baby kinkster, but in the last five years has been able to fully immerse herself in the rope scene alongside her partner, DWL. She considers herself very lucky to have learned from, tied and collaborated with some of the best rope people around, and is constantly striving to grow as a rope bottom, submissive, and model. Bex primarily approaches rope as a type of connection and partnership, as well as a form of artistic expression. She firmly believes rope bottoming should be accessible to everyone, and hopes sharing her experiences and knowledge will help others find their happy places in rope.

Though DWL (formerly DomWithLens) has been shooting various subjects casually and professionally for more than eight years, his creative juices were spiked when he discovered fetish photography. Upon entering the kink scene five years ago, he found new artistic opportunities and challenges in kink photography, as well as a passion for capturing the unique energy of a scene. DWL is known for his journalistic style of documenting play, chasing moments of emotion, connection, joy, and pain. He also enjoys collaborating with other creative minds to bring ideas and visions to life in front of his lens. DWL is constantly trying new things and believes there is always more to learn. His favorite photo? “The one I haven’t taken yet."


Rope on the Brain: Emotional Sadomasochism in Rope Bondage - EbiBex

Sadism and masochism come in a variety of forms, and many people who practice rope bondage have unique relationships with pain. But what about suffering that doesn’t come from physical sensations? What does it mean to identify as an emotional sadist or masochist, and how can we play with these desires in rope? In this class, we’ll explore the myriad ways rope can create emotional and/or mental stress, through shame, exposure, objectification, abandonment, disconnection, fear of failure, and more. We’ll also look at cultural contexts for some of these feelings, discuss negotiation and risk management for this type of play, and aftercare considerations. (Please note: some of the material in this class is considered edgeplay and may be uncomfortable for some.)

This is a discussion based class with hands-on time. All levels welcome.


“Photogrigging” – Tie ‘Em Up and Shoot ‘Em

Hands-on learning; class participants should come with a DSLR that can shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of the photographic triangle.

Shooting a scene, whether your own or other people’s, requires some unique skills and extra awareness. This class will go over some best practices for shooting rope performances, scenes, and play. We’ll discuss negotiating photos with partners, controlling poor light, shooting in tight spaces (bedrooms, hotel rooms, creepy attics…) and anticipating your shot. We’ll also go over taking photos without interrupting headspace or “ruining the mood,” flattering (or unflattering!) angles, and even using your camera as part of a scene. Bex will share some of her tips and experiences in front of the camera. In addition to shooting your own scenes, DWL will share some of his tricks for shooting other people’s play. Capturing facial expressions and real emotion, getting your shot without getting in the way, moving around your subjects, and being mindful of other people in a space will all be addressed. Dungeon-Level Photography Skills – achievement unlocked!


Beyond the Basics - Or, “Sometimes I Flash People”

Hands-on learning, class participants should come with a DSLR that can shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of the photographic triangle.

Now you’ve got a pretty good understanding of your DSLR camera, and are itching to shoot. You want to create sexy fetish photos with intensity, drama and emotion. But how? This class will help you up your photography game and introduce you to manufacturing and manipulating light! Photography is often interpreted as “painting with light” so we’ll really dig into using light in creative and dramatic ways – using flash to add light to a scene, on-camera vs off-camera flash, and simple one-light set ups. We’ll also touch on topics like evaluating your shooting space, changing a background you don’t like, and different angles and perspectives to shoot from – or why you’ll often see DWL lying on the ground! You’ll find that controlling your light can be an illuminating experience!


Aftercare – Photo Post Processing - DWL

Discussion-based class and hands-on learning; all levels.

The scene is over, the model has gone home, and you’re pretty excited about some of those shots. So now what do you do with them? This class will help you get your pictures off the camera, polished and ready to show off. Whether you’ve been shooting outside on a gorgeous day, or in your favorite dimly-lit dungeon, DWL will share some of his tried-and-true methods in post processing to really make those shots pop. Class will cover basic RAW conversion, including color correction, sharpening, cropping, and enhancing your photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. (Class will be primarily presentation-based; however, participants are welcome to bring Lightroom and/or Photoshop-ready laptops and a few RAW files and follow along!)



EM & isean  EMIsean Web

Based in Memphis, Tennessee and active in the BDSM community since 2010, EM is a sadistic rope and whip enthusiast whose interests lie in withdrawing submission from his partners through mental and physical play. With years of experience learning to work with whips and ropes from various artists across North America, his interpretation of Japanese bondage stems from a desire to withdraw submission from the female form and highlight its beauty through suffering and strain. EM's primary interests (rope, whips, photography) stem from his passion for practicing and perfecting technique, skill, and accuracy in all walks of life.


Rope for Impact Play

EM's ties in dungeon play nearly always involve a bottom being struck with whips or similar objects, whether they take place on the floor or in the air. More mindset-focused than procedural, we'll look at ways to involve physical sadism in rope bondage scenes. Additionally, isean's highly primal method of tying and physically engaging her partners will be shown as a more hands-on option for applying rope, body manipulation, and pain. We'll also look at managing the scene's flow, and focus on ways to present the bottom for the top to best leverage their skills when it comes to impact and rough body play. The goal is to incorporate impact play more easily into all of your current ties... and not merely teaching a couple of "impact play" rope ties.


Advanced Skills for the Beginner Top & Bottom

We're going to look at skills which usually aren't taught to novices. An efficient way to manage the wraps and the knot when tying your single column tie. How to tie fluidly with both hands from the very beginning. Laying the wraps of a box tie cleanly and precisely without looking. Keeping the tails from getting caught beneath yourself and your partner as you apply rope. Increasing comfort when tying tightly, and precision while tying loosely. There are a score of techniques that will allow a novice top to learn to tie without bad habits, and that's where we're going. At the same time, isean and EM will do their best to touch upon advice for newer bottoms and tops so that everyone leaves with more.


Sadistic Armbinders

We’re going to look at options for various arm positions, and work on a variety of faster harder ties which break the mold. With the goal of making things fast and strenuous these ties will be aimed toward floor and partial play, and not explicitly aimed at suspension scenes. This class is more conceptual than procedural, and will hopefully leave you with a variety of ideas which expand your horizons when it comes to binding the arms. Come with an open mind and a desire to explore rope that hurts - in the best possible way.



Freya & Nevertheless  NeverthelessAndFreya Web

Nevertheless and Freya have been tying together since 2014. Their first scene with rope took 6 ropes to bind someone to a table. Since then, they’ve been focusing on minimalism and simplicity. They take a team approach to rope bondage, working together to achieve beautiful body positions in both suspension and floor work, as well as evoking powerful emotions in their play. Together they bring playful fun, a positive outlook, and really bad jokes.


Active Bottoming for EveryBODY

One of us is a former endurance athlete and ballerina, the other is an avid gamer and taco enthusiast. One is a masochist, the not. At all. Even a little. As switches, we both bottom for rope but have very different bodies, flexibilities, and pain tolerances. Knowing your body is key to rope bottoming and together we discuss helpful ways to learn, and grow, with your strengths and weaknesses. We will also discuss and demo ways to use body manipulation to maximize a tie’s endurance, stretches that target problem areas, and how we have used lab time to help each other grow in rope.


Creating a Suspension Sequence Without a Chest Harness

This collaborative class starts with positions in mind and then utilizes single columns, double columns, and other fundamentals to create shapes without a chest harness.



Goddess Sombra  

Goddess Sombra is a ProDomme, educator, and all around kinky woman residing in South Florida. She was introduced to the lifestyle shortly after turning 18 and rope bondage at 19. She has been extremely active in the local community, especially South Florida Rope group and the Palm Beach Femdom Collective. Her passions are making Femdom more accessible to the curious, bondage of all varieties (especially the mean kinds), and finding ways to give back to her local community . Attending classes made BDSM accessible to her and her hope is to do the same for others.


CBT Bondage and Predicament Play

A class to show you all the ways to incorporate CBT bondage into your bondage play! Learn different methods of cock and ball bondage, how to work them into other ties, and how to easily create delicious predicament situations.


Bondage Troubleshoot: Make your bondage work anywhere!

You aren’t in the dungeon, maybe you are on vacation, traveling, or don’t have equipment at home. Well, part of what makes bondage so fun is its adaptability! An excellent class for bondage beginners, learn tips and tricks to make your bondage work in any situation. You don’t need a hard point and dungeon furniture to have fun, you can adapt those techniques to many environments.


Tying the Male Bottom

A class to help overcome challenges when working with male rope bottoms. Often, bondage images and tutorials are lacking male bottoms. Maybe their arms can’t go behind their back, maybe they’re much larger than you. You will be shown how to adapt traditional ties to male bodies and suspension techniques for larger bottoms.



Lexa Grace  LexaGrace Web

Lexa Grace is a weirdo rope switch, tattoo artist from Austin, Tx who fell in love with rope in an instant. After beginning as a bottom being tied, she quickly picked up the skill of tying and once again found herself at home working and creating art with her hands. Lexa has learned from both local and international teachers and is also a leader in the Austin community officially assuming a leadership role with Austin Rope Slingers. You can find her regularly teaching classes, intensives and/or performing. Come join this silly sadistic lady for a class or say hello on her Instagram @IAmLexaGrace.  


Low Suspensions and Partials for Body Handling

In this class Lexa teaches the skills needed to perform low suspensions and partial suspensions without the need for a TK or complicated patterns. These suspensions and partials will be done in a way to avoid most major nerve bundles to minimize risk and allow for more movement in the rope. Students should have a basic understanding of non-collapsible single and double column ties.



Lunatic Bound & Dysis  Lunatic Bound Web

Lunatic Bound and Dysis make quite an interesting pair. One is generally quiet and often somber the other bounces from place to place filling the room with giggles. They have been playing, tying, and teaching together for more than four years. Lunatic has been in the lifestyle and practicing bondage for more than ten years. His personal style with rope is eastern inspired but a torturous mash of eastern, western, and stuff he learned in the boyscouts. Together their style is rough, violent and often hilarious.


Introduction to Up Lines

Bring your notebooks and your rope, but feel free to leave your bottoms. In this primarily lecture class we will be talking about up lines, how to tie them, and how they work. With a focus on repetition we will be discussing sling and cable angles, mechanical advantage, point frictions, directionality, attachment methods, compound movements, emergency lowers, jams, and tie offs. We will be focused entirely on technical aptitude as we lift our rope bags and occasionally other pieces of furniture.

A stable single column tie and basic frictions.
You will need 5-10, 8 meter lengths of rope


Sweep the Leg Johnny

In this overview class we are going to practice takedown and capture bondage. Drawing elements from martial arts, hojo, and wrestling as well as just mean spirited body mechanics we are going to take our partner from standing to the floor and if time allows back up in the air. Trigger warning: This class will involve elements of violence and force in application to rope and may not be suitable for everyone.

A stable single column tie, basic frictions, and a gote or prayer hands chest tie.
You will need 1-4, 8 meter lengths of rope and a rope cutter.
You will need comfortable clothing for athletic activity.
You will need to warm up and stretch prior to this class.


The Blink of an Eye

Shooting and play are not something that used to go together naturally for me. This demonstration class is all about how I’ve brought the two things together. Instead of using our cameras as something that creates space and breaks the scene we are going to use it as a tool to enhance our play. With some simple strobe lighting, staging, and camera techniques we're going to work toward photos that are intentional as well as part of the play. This class may also involve: humiliation, shame, degradation, impact, screams, and me walking around with a visible erection.



Malachi & Mikki  Malachi.and.Mikki

Malachi has been a part of the kink scene for approximately 6 years and active in the Baltimore kink scene since 2014. They have been an educator for the past ten years, focusing on queer and trans identities, safer sex and sexual agency, and introduction to kink and BDSM. They are passionate about intersectionality, consent, and risk-awareness, both inside and out of the kink scene.

Mikki- (any human pronoun) is a queer kinkster who can frequently be found on the receiving end of things. They are a professional educator and firmly believe that learning never ends. They bring this undying passion for sharing into their kinky practices through rope (self-rigging and bottoming), community building, developing self- and body-awareness, upping their communication skills, and making good bad decisions (#teamBadDecisions). Mikki revels in opportunities to grow and build their self- and community-care toolkit.


Queering Rope

Tying queers and queering how you tie: this class expands on the idea of “queerness” by looking at rope from several different perspectives. Whether you’re tying queer bodies -- especially people who struggle with gender dysphoria and the ways classic ties accentuate femininity -- or queering the way you tie and building space for intersectionality and representation through rope, this class is a space to share in discussion and demonstration, as well as get some hands-on tools to grow in your own rope journey.


Single Columns in Movement

While much of rope and rope suspension is focused on learning patterns and using a series of harnesses to create intricate scenes, there is a beauty and simplicity in scenes constructed solely using single columns. In this class, we will explore movement through single column suspension for both self-suspenders and partnered practitioners.



Miss Doctor  Miss Doctor

MissDoctor is a kink-friendly practicing physician who works in primary care with an emphasis on musculoskeletal medicine, endocrinology, and women's health. She has been personally involved in the world of bondage for 20 years, and she started to explore Shibari in 2013. Her experience as a rock climber, athlete, and artist provide her with a practical perspective on bottoming, rigging, and self-suspension. Her years of experience as an educator help her make safety, anatomy, and health concerns easy to understand and apply. She encourages hands-on exploration and helps students develop a more intimate understanding of themselves and their partners. She is one of the leaders of the Arizona Shibari Studio and one of the organizers of the rope convention Desert Bound.


Rope Bottoming 101

So you want to get tied up? Bottoming for rope bondage offers so much fun, but it also involves significant risk. This class is designed to help you make the most of your experience. We will discuss why we do rope bondage, the various styles and types of scenes we might explore, how to choose a partner and communicate safely and effectively, how to pick the right environment for you to play in, how to prepare yourself for a scene, how to manage risk and do self assessment during a scene, and things to consider after. We will discuss risk management, understanding your own risk profile, and how to negotiate more effectively.

Level – beginner
Materials -- none


Dancing With Myself - Self Tying

Sometimes it’s hard to find a rope partner. And sometimes you just want to spend some quality alone time… with rope. Self-tying has been a critical part of my exploration of rope - as both a top and a bottom. Tying yourself is an opportunity to explore tension, lab out new ties, work on rope handling, create beautiful art, and even enjoy some torturous ropey goodness! This class covers a variety of fun techniques that can be explored solo - decorative and functional, beautiful and painful. We will learn 2 styles of chest harness, 2 styles of leg ties, and explore full body decorative ties. We will explore dynamic body positioning by connecting these pieces together.

Level - beginner to intermediate
Prerequisites - the ability to tie a reliable single column and familiarity with basic frictions (munter hitches, half-hitches, etc.) are helpful but not necessary
Materials - at least 5 hanks of rope


You Want My Arm To Go Where?!

Rope bondage can put the body into very strenuous positions. This class is designed for both tops and bottoms to learn more about shoulder anatomy, safety, and stretching techniques. You will learn how to prepare for rope sessions as part of your warm-up, how to connect with your partner during stretching, and how to work on your flexibility and joint stability outside of tying time. We will discuss common shoulder injuries and how to manage them. A detailed handout will be provided for your reference. The class includes didactics and hands-on activities.

Level – all
Prerequisites – none


Stop Getting On My Nerves, Part 1 - Upper Extremity

A must-see for all rope tops and bottoms! Focuses on practical nerve anatomy and physiology for rope bondage. Where do nerves travel, where are they most susceptible to injury, and how can we prevent, detect, and manage injuries? A detailed handout will be provided for your reference. The class includes didactics and hands-on activities, including finding your “hot spots” and reworking common ties to improve comfort and safety. Part 1 - upper extremity - detailed review of wrist bondage and the box tie, as well as troubleshooting guidelines for nerve compression.


Stop Getting On My Nerves, Part 2 - Lower Extremity

A must-see for all rope tops and bottoms! Focuses on practical nerve anatomy and physiology for rope bondage. Where do nerves travel, where are they most susceptible to injury, and how can we prevent, detect, and manage injuries? A detailed handout will be provided for your reference. The class includes didactics and hands-on activities, including finding your “hot spots” and reworking common ties to improve comfort and safety. Part 2 - lower extremity/pelvis - comparison of different hip harnesses, leg binders, and ankle bondage.

Level – all
Materials - a full color handout will be provided



Mynx & Dark Echo MynxDarkEcho

Mynx is an enthusiastic rope top, experienced rigger, and suspension artist with a passion for giving rope and sharing her knowledge with the community. Her strongest influences and inspiration to her rope come from, Akira Naka and Wykd_Dave. Mynx is dedicated to continuing her personal journey tying, teaching, learning, and performing with rope. Mynx has presented classes and intensive workshops across the country where she focuses on building connections between partners and developing precision in each tie. A passionate believer in muscle memory, Mynx’s students learn by tying along with her. As a Nurse Anesthetist, her extensive medical background gives her a unique perspective on bondage safety and nerve injury. Mynx is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).


Transitional Partials 3.0

A NEW TRANSITION SERIES for 2019. We will explore the beauty of suffering through partial suspensions. While maintaining a point of contact with the earth, we expose vulnerability and erotic helplessness, impart beautiful physical and mental challenges for the bottom, and allow for a close connection between partners.


Hishi Inspired Arms-Free Chest Harness

Many basic chest harnesses prove to be difficult in suspension for many reasons. This class will focus on a chest harness designed to distribute load through the upper torso to facilitate sustainability in suspension. Attendees will learn to tie a suspension worthy chest harness inspired from the hishi diamond pattern.


Suspension Worthy Front Arm-Binder

Giving a twist on the traditional strappado, we’ll take the strappado concept to the front of the body building a suspension worthy arm binder.



SenBound & Giggles  SenboundGiggles Web

Dedicated rope educators &  performers, co-founders of Kyoujin Baku Ryu Rope Dojo, and performers at MBE 2013-2016, SenBound & Giggles have presented at Shibaricon 2015,  FIRE 2014-2019, and been part of the Evil Council of FIRE since its inception. They have been teaching & performing Japanese style rope bondage both nationally & internationally for the last several years, and were both nominated for and received awards in the 2014 Bondage Awards.


The Music in my Head

Control, Tension, & Movement - some of the most important aspects of rope bondage are controlling the Tension of your ties and the Movement of not only the tied person but also the Movement of yourself. We will go over some simple drills that will advance your control of these aspects, using these to make practice and play time more fun and enjoyable to both the person tying and the person being tied.

S. G. E. (Shame, Guilt, and Embarrassment)

Explore the meaning of these terms along with some self awareness, what is happening in the brain and body, and how to apply these in an Erotic Rope Scene for the enjoyment of both parties.




Shakti Bliss Bunny  ShaktiBlissBunny Smaller

Shakti Bliss Bunny (or B) is a body worker, yoga/meditation teacher, and educational facilitator from Austin, Texas. As a rope bottom she enjoys pushing herself mentally and physically while also balancing self care, self awareness, and self study to further her journey. With over 500 hours of training in body awareness, western anatomy, energetic anatomy and mindful movement B hopes to add a fresh perspective to the conversation of rope bottoming education as well as help both tops and bottoms move their bodies safely to sustain their kinky fun.


Bhakti Bondage: Arriving Home to Awareness

Learn to connect to your physical body, breath, and mindful movement as a rope top and rope bottom. We will discuss everything from the experiential act of grounding your central nervous system, arriving authentically to a scene, using your breath as a bottoming technique and to how specific physical poses in rope can affect you emotionally as a bottom (as well as how tops can use these to evoke emotion and guide an experience for a bottom).


Bhakti Bondage Pt 2: Engaging The Spirit

In the first Bhakti bondage class we discuss how to come home to the self and ground to arrive authentically to a scene. In this secondary class we will take those lessons and apply them as we pair up and incorporate rope. We will experiment with telling a story and working in narrative with rope as well as how to receive, communicate, and hold agency as a bottom and be a part of the story. We will also go in depth and experiment with different body positions to evoke specific emotions during a narrative.


Baby’s First Torsion - Shakti Bliss & Lexa Grace

Come explore torsions in the body with Lexa & Bliss. Through the foundation of a solid TK we will allow the bottoms to explore movement (with and without the support of the top) and move through active torsion in suspension. Bottoms will learn the anatomical effects of torsion in their body and how to safely manipulate and push the torsion to the fullest extent. Tops will explore different up line choices and how they affect the abilities in the torsion. Tops will also engage in a discussion with their bottoms to better learn their bodies and use their abilities to empower them in flight.


The Silence  The Silence Smaller

The_Silence started photographing his rope work over 5 years ago and shoots multiple times a week. He developed his style (based on traditional kinbaku art as well as fine art and high fashion) through adapting what he's learned in classes, the internet, and a whole lot of trial & error in photoshoots, events, as well as couples play photography. Because of his prolific work in rope and photography, he’s had to push himself and gain the knowledge from multiple teachers and sources over the years to produce a diverse array of images. He has taught photography at The SF Citadel, Beachbind, Bondage Expo Dallas, and F.I.R.E.


Crappy light? No Problem!

Whether you’re shooting in a studio, dungeon, bedroom, or cave that you found on your last hike, let’s talk about lighting options to help you deliver the results you want. Have 10 strobe lights sitting around and a hardpoint? No problem! Have a cell phone, bottom, and 30 minutes alone in your cousin's basement? No problem! In this hands-on class we’ll explore how to manipulate light & shadows to create an awesome photo. We’ll cover basic composition techniques, but this class is focused on lighting: qualities of light, light sources & light mods. This class will include a demo on how to light a scene in the dungeon using available light sources and flash.

YumYumPanda  YumYumPanda

Panda (she/they) fell in love with rope in mid 2013. Panda's rope journey has been founded in deep connections with partners, working as a team with her partners, and encouraging mutual growth in rope. Panda has taught at events/cons across North America and has a passion for education. Their teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in partnership, inclusion, and student centered learning. Panda is currently the co-leader of a skill share 101 rope group in Seattle, a steering committee member for NARIX, an instructor developer for Left Coast Kink, a moderator for the rope bottoming share group, founder and leader of Start Here a group that educates new comers into the community that spans across 3 states, and is the Education Program Representative for Pan Eros Foundation. She has a professional background in education and a focus in Diversity and Inclusion work.


Gem Harness

The gem harness is a sustainable arms out chest harness created by YumYumPanda. Panda personally struggles bottoming to TKs and has heard feedback from many partners that the traditional chest harness wasn't very sustainable. She took the principles and fundamentals of a traditional chest harness and incorporated a hishi pattern to create an arms out chest harness that provides support in multiple areas, while allowing for the ability to pull different sections of the harness to distribute load. This harness is a great alternative to traditional chest harnesses and keeps the arms free for play.


Rope Play for the Face and Mouth

Have you ever wanted to bind the face? Or maybe bind the tongue or put things in your bottom’s mouth? This class will cover the basics of playing with rope when incorporating the face and mouth. Let us dig deeper into the psychological aspect of taking away senses that we use each day. Come discover how hot and sensual a rope scene can be once the aspects of the face and mouth are being played with! We will discuss negotiation, safety tips, and basic ways to bind the face and mouth. Students will also have the opportunity to try a number of different face and mouth techniques, the instructors will also provide tools to play with if students choose to do so. This class will be mainly demonstration, discussion, and hands on.


Twisty - Body Torsion in Partials and Suspensions

Torsions in rope can be a dynamic and sexy way to take your scene from flat to vibrant. In this class students will explore how uplines, body position, and slight adjustments in rope can create new shapes for the body in rope. There will be discussion in class about how to combine up lines, create pull points in already attached suspension lines, and how to maneuver rope to accentuate new shapes. Students will also learn a torsion sequence that incorporates a chest loading tie and a calf binder tie (this sequence can be a partial or full suspension). Those being tied will gain knowledge in how to adjust their bodies in torsions, begin the torsion process in rope, and management/pain processing of torsion in ropes.


The Broken Mermaid - Suspension Transition

The mermaid tie is a beautiful tie that is versatile in suspension transitions. In this class we will focus on a full suspension transition that will focus on 3 different shapes. We will incorporate the use of the legs, upper body and limbs to create contrasting shapes in a transitional suspension sequence. Students who are tying will learn fundamentals in understanding how the three interrelated pieces of this tie operate and function in the air. Those being tied will gain insight in how to process different positions in the the aspects of this tie along with enhancing their understanding of their body being manipulated in flight.



Jewel Harness

The jewel harness is a sustainable hip harness created by YumYumPanda. The name Jewel comes from the partnering capabilities this harness has to Panda's arms free chest harness - the Gem Harness. This hip harness is built to provide extra support around the the hips, legs and butt. It provides mobility and movement for those being tied a long with extra wraps for longevity in the air.